Without human contact, without meetings or exchanges, there is no value, no trust, no business. Organising a group trip is an opportunity to introduce new products, to get customer loyalty, to explain a new strategy or simply to convey messages. Collecting all or part of its employees and customers at the same time and same place makes it possible for management to save time and to move the company into a very short period of time. Conference aim is not just to make its employees work but also to get them to talk, to communicate differently and to strenghten their sense of belonging the the company .

Wether you are a large company operating in the world industry or a smaller one grouping its sales force in a French city, business tourism is an indispensable tool for product development of its brands and people.

Traveling is good. Strategiccaly, this is better!
This is ALAÏKA’s motto

Single point of contact , ALAÏKA helps you to achieve your goals and is involved at every stage of your project from the initial contact to the field management.

ALAÏKA favors a responsible and sustainable tourism
By joining the « Tourism for development » Association, each member of our client companies can work effectively and concretely in favor of the poorest people in developing countries for tourism : water, nutrition, housing and all actions for the survival of people as the access to economic activity . .


Each of our studies represent a work of expertise and precision, a real reseach we spend time for . Each of our services is tailor made according to our clients’s objectives. .


Traveling is a rare occasion and everything must be done so that leaves a remarkable experience, rich in meaning and emotion...